Memories and Inspiration

Another busy week with some great new designs being delivered to their new homes and it is great to receive some fab feedback from our customers.  Part of our company brand is to provide a quality service alongside a quality product and part of this is our transparent way of working at all stages.  This leads me to tell you about a problem that we have encountered that seems to be out of our control.  Our latest Facebook competition was due to be drawn on the 31st March 2018 and we have had fantastic support for this completion with in access of 5000 entries however for reasons we do not know Facebook have removed the post along with all the entrants details.  We have made several attempts to contact Facebook to no avail.  To make sure we are being fair to all of our supporters and entrants to this competition we are going to extend the closing date for a month and it will now be drawn on the 30th April 2018.  We feel that this would give everyone the opportunity to re-enter the competition, we will publish a new competition post for you to like and comment on, we will then draw the completion based on the likes and comments on that post.  Please feel free to share so that we can get this out to as many people that may have already entered.   We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and will look to run future competitions in a different way to make sure this does not happen again