Sunday’s Memories and Inspiration

Apologies for this week’s tardy offering, we had a busy weekend delivering fire pits down to the lovely county of Lincolnshire so running a bit behind schedule.

We met Ron at the Farm Innovation show last year and out of an interesting conversation with him our camp fire bowl was created.  Ron was looking for a fire pit that his campers could use that was safe and sturdy, contain the fire keeping it off the grass while being big enough for the whole family to sit round and make memories. 

The camp fire bowl worked really well and we went down this weekend to deliver six ready for the camping season.

Delivering our product to our customers is one of my favourite parts of the job, it is good to meet up with our customers and top off our service with a personal touch, unfortunately logistically it is not always possible. 

Unfortunately Ron was unable to be there when we arrived but we had a fab meet and greet from Mini and we left them with her to guard until he returned.