Sunday’s Memories and Inspirations

Another milestone reached this week, we moved into larger premises last July and at long last the office was ready for me to move into this week with my whiteboard under my arm.  Russell has made a great job of it and it has been worth the wait.  Being at the unit more gives me the opportunity to get a real feel for the current projects and how we can best share them with you all.

Photography is really not one of my strengths and really struggle to take good quality photos that give credit to our products particularly at night.  You might say a course in Photoshop would help but we want you to see a true picture of what we do; we believe our quality shines through without the aid of technology.  After speaking to one of the creative members of the team (Andrew – our extremely talented artist) I discovered that one of his hobbies is photography.  Bring the camera I said let’s get some pictures I said.  So we lit up one of the fire pits and he set away clicking. Why did we not do this before?  Andrew now has a new role – Talented Artist and Photographer